When a story
takes shape

Perfection Durability Reliability Craftsmanship Industry

Perfection, durability... are key factors in creating trust. Mirroring over 40 years as a benchmark for the sector, being those who combine craftsmanship and industry. Looking to the future with one foot in our origins.

Each process is part of a whole, the factors of a sum where everything counts. From the choice of a special fabric. Working in the best place. Working with the best people. With the best technology. Our philosophy is summarized in the love for detail.

There are those who define elegance as a subjective opinion. We clearly keep in mind what makes it a measurable quality. Each of these suits is like a second skin. This would not be possible without passion: what rules our world.

"La naturalidad es lo más elegante que puede llevarse"
Javier Cañás

The way we dress

Inspiration Creativity Delicacy Patience Collaboration

Fabric is what inspires the most. When you see a spectacular one, it inspires you in a different way. You have to dare to do the most creative things, what you want to do is to make the most beautiful things.

The moment you see fabrics, you are thinking about the design you are going to bring.

A woman's dress is all about perfection, a lot of delicacy. It is cuddle what the garment needs. When it is craftsmanship, it is all patience, collaboration. It has no other process, delicacy and patience.