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Quality Design Avant-garde Comfort Elegance

At Etiem we are committed to quality and design as the basis of our work.

Using the most avant-garde fabrics and following the latest trends, we build our own universe where comfort and elegance go hand in hand.

A universe where style reigns, which is mixed with noble materials and unique colours to dress an up-to-date and urban person who does not give up comfort.

We have always loved the idea of offering a product that can be in the wardrobe of the most demanding person.

Simple designs, combined with different textures, colours and shapes, allow Etiem to provide unique garments.

We want to get involved in your philosophy, in your day to day, so you can be the reflection of the purest it-style.


Located in A Coruña (Spain), Etiem is a company dedicated to the design and production of fashion for women and men.

Created in 2004 by a group of professionals from the textile sector, their main goal was to give life to the concept of elegance that they shared.

Later, designer Javier Cañás Caramelo, joined the project to stablish a definitive line in the product, offering quality and design.

Javier Cañás and his team created a brand focusing on a total look for cosmopolitan and urban men and women, offering an image of timeless elegance.