Traditions on New Year's Eve

Superstitions have existed in humanity for millennia, and the entrance of a new year is full of them; The grapes and the red color are the most deeply rooted in Spain on the night of December 31; So, don't forget to wear something this color.

The inhabitants of ancient Rome believed that the color red brought power, fertility, health and heart. However, the Chinese believe that you will scareNian, the evil monster that scared the town and children especially.

The legend of the 12 grapes does not have a clear origin, but it ranges from an aristocratic custom to an unlikely surplus in the harvest of Alicante farmers. However, we will eat the grapes of luck with each stroke ... just in case!!

We have to welcome the year 2021 at home and in red, and what better way to do it than with this women sweater stylejogging in cashmere and viscose wool. It is so easy to combine that you can dare with alook sport and sneakers. Or maybe morechic, if you combine it with high heels.

jersey rojo They will always be perfect with a red wool turtleneck sweater, ideal for this homey farewell of the year.jersey de hombre

ETIEM wants to toast with you for a year 2021 full of normality.

!!Happy New Year!!

Do not forget to share with us your proposals for this special night.

¿do you dare to send us your photos with something red?

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