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¡Spring summer 2021!

Although winter is not over yet, we can already enjoy the new men's and women's collections for this spring-summer 2021.

We propose a tour of ourWEB so that you enjoy the new proposals and we will tell you how to combine the garments to get your staffItem. Play with clothes and accessories, start giving the first brushstrokes to your wardrobe and let's cross the limits of the conventional without ever losing elegance and being true to yourself. Remember. youu look tell about you!

Primavera verano 2021 Etiem

 - & gt; WOMEN'S COLLECTION & lt; -

The spring of 2021 surprises us with the desire to renew the wardrobe and fix ourselves again as we had almost forgotten during these past months of 2020. Light and fluid fabrics such as tencel, linen and printed viscose coexist with rustic cottons that draw stripes Yjacquards of marked reliefs, to mold loose and relaxed silhouettes that invite aslow life, more necessary and conscious than ever.

Moda mujer Etiem

The color palette travels from lavender blue to jade green, passing through shades of sand, powdered coral and terracotta, with subtle brushstrokes in pastel tones and small accents in black that outline patterns or mark contrasts.

The outer garment surrenders to fluid fabrics to create unstructured frock coats with large pockets typecoat Ythe overall-style trench coat is the absolute protagonist of the season. The parkas are dyed in sailor tints in yellow to tackle the unexpected summer rains.

The pants more feminine and elegant anklets, with tweezers and silhouettepalazzo, they reduce their sobriety and combine with the functionality of elastane fabrics, adapting perfectly to the woman's body and coexisting in harmony with shorts,culottes wide leg andbaggy pants, of more liberated silhouettes.

Dresses baggy midi length blousesoversize and extra-long camisoles with wide openings, take over the feminine wardrobe on light and flowing fabrics, enriched with reliefsseersucker, embroidery and detailsshiny in form offil coupe with thread oflurex or discreet laminates with a pearl finish.

vestido azul Etiem

Floral and tropical prints, wide dusty stripes and plaidvichy complete this season's watercolor, marked by the illusion of eagerly receiving all the news that will help us rediscover the meaning of living fashion ... or simply living!!

- & gt; MEN'S COLLECTION & lt; -

Fashion adapts to our way of life, and although it is mostly an urban model, a connection with nature is increasingly appreciated, a return to nature, and that is reflected in fashion.a.


We are sure that events are just around the corner and will come stronger than ever. We propose a style without ostentation, easy and elegant. Mixing the traditional with the new, in daring combinations of garments and colors, we achievenewlooks.

Ceremonia traje hombre

Suits short and short tails with wide lapels, prince cut and jackets renewed not so long, they are the basis of our designs in suits. They present a lineSlim fit that always stylizes the figure. Blues dominate the color palette from dark navy to azure, but there are color novelties, and we present bold but very elegant beige, dark scarlet, light gray and cobalt colors. Black is a staple for a choice that never fails.

The star piece is the double breasted vest in its most daring aspects. The pictures are thebest sellers, but if you like them in floral, cashmere or plain prints, it is also a good choice. The option of tie It is the best, although the tie is left for those who prefer to give a more ceremonial touch to theiru look.

Total look / Urban collection

We start with the suits, aitem essential in any man's wardrobe for many occasions, in addition, the basics are always a safe choice. We continue with a lineSlim fit which is still very flattering but with a finish soft that offers a comfortable and light piece. You can also find more relaxed outfitsregular fit according to your need. In addition to the already elegant range of blues, in squares, structures and plain, the alternative of light and natural colors provide a breath of fresh air to this garment. The mix of linen, wool or cotton, provide that fluid and carefree vision ideal for this clean and natural look.

Ropa de Hombre Etiem

We complete theoutfit of the suit in its most formal way with shirts white Italian collar orcutaway, very in trend, accompanied byties in original designs. Another option is to combine the suit with indigo or patterned polo shirts and shirts, for a more casual image.

The pants relax their line although theslim fit. The news points to a moderelaxed fit with trousers with a dart, elastic waist and in fabrics with elastane, which provide a lot of comfort. The lighter, more natural and clean tones come strongly, but they do not displace the always successful white accompanied by light khaki and navy.

Watch out for bermuda shorts , in addition to being a basic garment for the summer, it is beginning to become amustfrom your closet.

The jackets they become light, we take them out of their confinement and give them a renewed vision in colors, fabrics and designs. Combined with shorts, polo shirts, printed or sports shirts, are some of our proposals.

The shirts they bring freshness and novelty. They are presented in linen, floral prints, madras squares in vitamin colors, etc. White and indigos are always a trend staple.

We present two minks in the poles , the retro-style ones in basic tones and micro-prints, as well as the plain ones with a washed effect in a nice and wide range of colors.s.

Finally, we convert a sweater basic in bold presenting it in acid colors. Theoutfitnails onretro style sneakerso”

Combine your basics with the novelties, look for original looks in the combinations and join us to start a new season full of enthusiasm and optimism ... you are with us?

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