Going for a walk, seeing your family and friends, enjoying the decorated and light-filled streets, or simply giving a gift, are important moments especially at this time but without forgetting that we must take care of ourselves. Aleather garment It is always a perfect choice to accompany you, in addition, if it is made in a soft, elastic, natural nappa and in the always elegant black color like that ofe ETIEM man, it's perfect!!

The best wardrobe you can have. It also combines with everything. For him……

cazadora de piel

And also for her. a precious extra-long trench coat “military style. It offers you so many looks that it will be fun to think with what you wear it for those occasions, we love it!a!

gabardina militar

Did you know. The military style began at the beginning of the last century when, at the end of the world wars, women reused their husbands' military uniforms, especially their coats, and without knowing it, they started this look that would mark an important trend in fashion. What do you think?recido?

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