Why is International Women's Day celebrated on March 8?

International day for women's rights and international peace

The March 8, 1908 that a group of workers in a textile factory in New York went on strike to demand simple and just rights, such as equalizing their salary to that of men who did the same activities, achieving a 10-hour working day and improving hygienic conditions in their workplaces. They remained peacefully inside the factory, and their owner, to make them stop their protests, locked them up and started a fire that got out of control and killed about 120 women. This event caused horror throughout the world.

The May 3, 1908 An event is held in Chicago for women and the following year, on February 28, International Women's Day is celebrated for the first time in New York.”.

Dia de la Mujer

Everything indicates that these events were the starting point that led to the declaration of March 8 as International Women's Day that was institutionalized byr United Nations in 1975 , after many acts and events that have been happening in many countries to date. Subsequently, all states were invited to declare that day as INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN AND INTERNATIONAL PEACE, according to their customs and traditions.

We are already in 2021, in a special and difficult time due to the pandemic, so“UN women” announces that this year's theme will be “Women leaders, for an equal future in the world of COVID-19”

The enormous effort that women and girls make in collaborating to achieve a more equal future, both in rights and justice, will be recognized. In addition, their participation and great effort in combating COVID-19 as health and research professionals, caregivers, community organizers and innovators is valued and visible. Let us not forget those women leaders in their countries who have fought in the forefront of this pandemic with exemplary and effectiveness.

But let's talk this time about women in the world of fashion where their involvement throughout history has been, and is, very important and essential, since they form a large majority in this sector: designers, buyers, stylists, models , businesswomen, etc. In addition, they are the true bearers of trends that have always responded to what is happening in the world.

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For this, designers are inspired by the great social movements, in what happens in the world in relation to art, music, technology, the media and the historical, political and social moment that we have to live. Somehow all these factors are reflected in fashion.

One of the most important, groundbreaking, pioneering and innovative women in the world of fashion has been the French designer Coco Chanel, who showed the world that women were not only there to wear what the great couturiers designed, but they too they were capable of creating.

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We are going to remember some of the most important details of her career that support her status as a brave and innovative woman. She changed the mentality and the way of dressing of the woman, with more comfortable looks and a free style. It laid the foundations of what today's fashion is today.”.

  • He managed to transform black, the color of mourning at that time, into an elegant color for dresses with simple lines, accompanied by cheerful accessories.
  • He mixed garments from the male wardrobe with the female one. He transformed his own men's models into elegant pieces for women, rescuing dark colors, the sailor style and knitted fabrics, thus giving women freedom of movement.
  • It showed that elegance and style were not exclusively owned by the wealthy class, they were not synonymous with it. Democratized fashion!!
  • He created clothes for a working woman.
  • He made the brown skin tone that was synonymous with working class social class fashionable. The pale white hue was characteristic of high society. In fact, she wore it many summers.
  • Popularized the use of costume jewelery and men's haircuts.
  • She was a sexual revolutionary, respecting and admitting diversity in love relationships. She was the first female entrepreneur in history. In short, a great woman !!!

The women and men of ETIEM hope that every March 8 is celebrated with more equality, justice and recognized rights for all women and girls in the world, especially in those countries where they still suffer a lot of inequality and injustice.

May equality, justice, respect, rights and peace reach all corners of the earth, to all its inhabitants without distinction of sex, race, social or cultural level.

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