Blazer, Jacket or ¨Americana¨?

Apparently it can be three names for the same garment, but they have different origins. Currently it is difficult to distinguish them, since the range in this type of garment is so wide, that the concepts are mixed.

Americana Etiem

There are several versions of the origin of the jacket, one is located in France in the court of King Louis XIV, where the mythical frock coats are shortened to offer more comfort; But the origin of the 19th century English sports jackets, used for hunting and life in the country, has more weight, which were more comfortable and at the same time remained elegant. They were designed with patch pockets, back gusset, many buttons and a belt, in addition to other fabrics such as tweed, Harris, crow's feet, spikes, etc. could be used. that were more warm and appropriate to the environment and lifestyle.

This type of jacket was brought to North America by the English, where it was unknown. There they copied it and transformed it into a more sober garment, with two buttons, two openings, a flap and patch, welt or flap pockets. Hence the ¨Americana¨ name, that combined with trousers of the same fabric, gives rise to the so-called suit-jacket.

Curious is the origin of the blazers dating back to 19th century English rowing teams, especially from Cambridge and Oxford. Little by little, sports practitioners began to wear them also in clubs and social events of the time. Striped, with bright colors, gold buttons and personalized shields ... the latter defined which club or association the one who wore it belonged to.

But we are in the year 2021, and we focus on the Jacket, which as a garment rescued from the suit, plays various roles in the role of a man. A more formal and elegant one, or more casual, if the moment and attitude requires it. It is an always perfect garment that combines with everything and that never goes out of style. But it is true that it is continuously transformed and acquires infinite possibilities of looks, being able to wear it all year round. In short, a fixture in your closet.. 

We find them from the most traditional in Harris cloths, tweed, crow's feet, herringbone, Welsh squares, melton, flannels and cold wools to those made in fluid linens, washed and dyed cottons, knitted or technical fabrics, in a wide range of colorful, designs and finishes. We must also highlight from the most formal and traditional to those that have practically no interlining or shoulder pads, totally unstructured and very soft.

One of the star pieces of the ETIEM men's collection is the Jacket . And here we propose various looks for this spring summer 2021. This season we bet on informality, breaking the idea of a formal garment by combining it with garments or very casual footwear. We'll tell you then:

chaqueta americana azul

Combine one lightweight linen-wool-cotton jacket In a refreshed indigo blue wales check with a bottle green short sleeve polo shirt and chinos, turn a formal look into relaxed, comfortable and casual. It is versatile, both for serious and more informal occasions. The complement of a retro style sneakers” provide an original touch.lineachaqueta americana Etiem

We give a twist to a classic navy blazer and we turn it into a light, comfortable and unstructured piece. An important detail is that as it is not lined it does not weigh anything! Made in a fresh wool piqué, it plays in a fun look with printed linen shirt, washed-effect chinos and retro-style sneakers in ocher and washed blue, which add a touch of color. Rolled up, with a shirt on the outside and trousers turned at the hem, it provides an image that accentuates a younger vision.lineaChaqueta marino Etiem

We draw another look from casual linen-wool blazer With checkerboard shirt and basic acid green cotton jersey. Provides freshness, light and comfort. Ideal for a relaxed moment and if you need to get more formal in minutes, you just have to reposition the garments in another way and we already have another outfit. The complement of an off-white pants and worn blue sneakers add the finishing touch to make it perfect.lineaAmericana Hombre Etiem

¡Bet on natural colors! A look that relaxes the eye and brings harmony. This time we mix a linen blazer very soft in light beige crow's feet. The shirt, also made of linen, is in light blue and white stripes with a wooden button. The dyed cotton trousers provide a very casual look in a light khaki shade. For hot, sunny and relaxing days, a very natural look!!lineaChaqueta hombre Etiem

With a daring and beautiful checked linen blazer, in conventional tones such as navy and beige, you will not go unnoticed. It brings distinction, quality, elegance and originality. Pair it with a cool white linen shirt and a jean pants to break the traditional look. Get on some green sports shoes with natural contrasts and chapeau. Ready for any occasion that comes your way ... you won't disappoint!


¿How to fold a blazer or jacket?

Place it face down and well stretched, proceed to fold it bringing the shoulders and sides of both sides towards the center of the back, making them coincide with the central seam. The sleeves are placed stretched down. Fold the bottom of the jacket up and turn the piece over, leaving the front with the lapel and collar well placed. If you have shoulder pads, they should not bend as they are deformed and should always be fastened on the first button.

Have we helped you? 

And tell us, what is your favorite type of Jacket?


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