Man Collection

Design, quality and comfort; this is our way of seeing the world and this is how we materialize it in this collection for a modern, elegant and dynamic man, who does not renounce to comfort, but always giving priority to good dressing. Etiem can dress a man in different moments of the day: a perfect suit with shirt and tie, or an everyday with a sport jacket, comfortable trousers and moccasins.

Evening Collection

Etiem's Ceremony collection is characterised by its outstanding elegance. In a sober and sophisticated line, the suits are fitted, where the figure is stylised, with fabrics of the highest quality. A collection that fulfils all dreams, dresses all ages and has a great variety of garments, both in design and fabrics as well as in colour. Any type of celebration is appropriate to wear an Etiem suit.

Woman Collection

A cosmopolitan collection that aims to reach every woman on the planet. With an exhaustive search for materials that meet the quality standards that identify our brand, without losing any of its modernity.

Party Collection

A casual collection that captures the essence of summer with boldness and determination, imprinting on each garment an innovative character that invites you to wear sophisticated and extremely flattering garments every day and any occasion, with the confidence that comes from wearing a garment with the "made in Spain" stamp.

Our philosophy

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